Freedom Park Pretoria

The Freedom Park on Salvokop Hill, south of Pretoria stands as a monument to humanity and freedom.

Launched in June 2000, Freedom Park opened its doors in December 2007 and has since become a popular tourist attraction.

The Freedom Park is rich in symbolism and contains numerous elements, which include:

  • //hapo (under construction) – Will serve as the reception area and an interactive space depicting the history of South Africa. It will also house the Pan African Archives, a storage facility of a vast amount of research data.
  • Isivivane – The symbolic resting place of those who died in their stuggle for freedom and humanity. Included in this element is the area known as Lesaka, a circle formed by 11 large rocks - one boulder from each of South Africa’s nine provinces, and two more representing the national government and international community.
  • Sikhumbuto – The largest element of Freedom Park. It is home to the Wall of Names, including the names of people who lost their lives during numerous battles in the country’s history, as well as the Slave Trade period. This element also houses an eternal flame, an amphitheatre, the  Sanctuary as well as the Gallery of Leaders. Sikhumbuto is also the sight of Freedom Park’s signiature “reeds”, tall metal poles topped with lights, that encircle the top of Salvokop Hill.
  • Moshate – A luxurious hospitality suite which will be used for Presidential and Diplomatic functions. Currently, it houses a temporary information exhibit.
  • Uitspanplek – a tranquil picnic and relaxation site for the whole family to enjoy after going on a tour.

Freedom Park is being constructed in phases. Some elements are still under construction, but tours are already available on a daily basis at 9h00, 12h00 and 15h00. Tours can take up to 2 hours. Contact Freedom Park for details on the cost of tours.

Golf Carts are available to take the elderly and disabled along on tours.

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