Pretoria Art Museum

Pretoria Art Museum is in the middle of Arcadia Park near the city centre.

The Pretoria Art Museum was established to house the City Council’s art collection, which was originally housed in the City Hall. Since other prominent art museums in the country already possessed large collections of international artworks, the Pretoria art museum concentrated on developing a collection of South African art. The international works that they did procure were mainly of graphic printmaking from the USA and Europe, since they were a lot less expensive than paintings and sculptures.

The foundation stone of the Art Museum was laid in 1962. The building took 18 months to complete and was inaugurated in May of 1964. The Pretoria Art Museum building is a long, flat glass and concrete structure.

The building has undergone a number of upgrades and renovations to create additional exhibition space and to improve the lighting, air-conditioning and security systems.

The Pretoria Art Museum also houses an Information Centre which contains a large collection of art reference books as well as many newspaper clippings on South African artists.

Entry to the Pretoria Art Museum is very reasonably priced and guided tours (bookings essential) can be arranged at a minimal extra cost.

The Museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday each week.

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